Ready-to-use SDKs and APIs

Customize connectivity workflows in your app and seamlessly integrate our modules into your product

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Reduce TTM (time to market)

Everything you need in 1 place

You’ve got a huge backlog of features.

Small features take weeks.

Big features such as video conferencing, appointment scheduling, booking, marketplaces, and payment processing take months to years.

Reduce the strain on your product team, while decreasing the time to market to days, instead of years.

I have a community of 500+ marketing agencies. I partnered with 3veta to make the matching and meeting between leads and agencies simple. As a result I can serve my community with a great platform and provide value across the full chain of interactions.
Lucas James

What do you get?

Why build or improve your app with us?

Validate your idea in days, not months

Time to market is a critical challenge for any business. 

Why spend months building an MVP when you can have an up-and-running platform in no time? 

Instead of endless prototyping and dealing with bugs, you can focus on reaching the right audience and growing it with a proven tool, which is used by 5000+ users around the world!

See how Contabi empowered their Business Leaders Community

Contabi Alliance reached out to us to help them take their platform to the next level and create an end-to-end marketplace for accounting business professionals. We were able to deliver their brand new customized platform just in time for their annual summit.
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100% secure

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Low investment

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Instant access

Stripe verified partner

Grow confidently

We support your growth every step of the way by delivering regular system updates and continuously improving your platform. 

Being a Stripe Verified Partner we support payments in 135+ countries, making you ready to enter global markets from day one.

What your users get


Seamless scheduling


In-browser video calls


Personalized booking pages

secure payments

Secure payments

what-users-get- much more

Marketplace listings

Build your own brand with our SDKs

We provide a fully white-label solution created to make your brand shine.

From the first landing page, to the internal meetings platform, every meeting, and interaction – is all you.  

We stay in the background making sure everything runs smoothly, but do not impose our brand anywhere. We have our own platform with over 3000+ users to do that.

White label marketplace builder

Focus on growing your business,
let us take care of the tech

Focus on the money-generating parts of your business – building your brand, reaching the right audience, and scaling your business.

We will take care of the rest – from the full technical setup to technical support, analytics, and continuous backups. 

What YOU get


All modules you need

branding and design

Your own branding

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Little to No dev or maintenance effort


Seamless integration


Low cost and fast deployment

Full list of modules

Technical overview

What do you need to do?

  • Provide us with your branding
  • Add several DNS records
  • Wait 3-10 business days

What we will do for you?

  • Server setup with AWS (EC2, CDN with S3 and CloudFront, DNS with Route 53, logs with CloudWatch, tier access with IAM, automatic SSL management, etc.)

  • Enable or disable selected modules 

  • Style platform and implement branding

  • Integrate all connected software (Appointment Scheduling, E-mail communication, etc.)

  • Set up usage dashboard monitoring system

  • Provide continuous backups

  • Continuously update system with all future features and software updates

  • Fulfil other agreed upon requirements

How does it work?

1. Get in touch

Fill out a short form where you tell us a bit more about your business.

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2. Get a quote

Get a price estimate and schedule a meeting to go over the details.

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3. Get your business to the next level

Have your own no-code white label platform tailored to your business needs in 5-10 business days

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If you are interested in the 3veta PaaS (platform-as-a-service), feel free to contact us at, use the live chat widget, or fill in the form below.