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Declaration on the use of cookies and local storage technology

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When you visit our website, we place information on your device through cookies and use local storage technology (cookies and other technologies) and access this information.


I. Use of cookies


1. What are cookies?

A “cookie” is a small text file that is sent by a website server and stored on your device when you visit the website. Each cookie is unique and contains certain information that allows us to distinguish you from other visitors to the website and can provide us with information about how you interact with it.

2. What types of cookies do we use?

The cookies we use are of different types.

A. According to their source:

  1. First Party – placed by our website and can only be read by it.
  2. Third-party cookies – are placed and used by an organization other than us.

B. According to their storage period:

  1. Temporary – are saved during the specified user session and are automatically deleted from your device when you close the browser.
  2. Permanent – stored on your device for a certain period of time and are not deleted when you close the browser.

C. According to their functions:

  1. Mandatory – necessary for the proper functioning of the website.
  2. Functional – store information about your preferences, which allows us to facilitate interaction and increase your satisfaction with subsequent use of the website.
  3. Analytical – allow for reporting the number of visits and traffic sources, so that we can monitor and, if necessary, increase the efficiency of the website.
  4. Advertising – allow to direct information about our services to you when you visit other sites, as well as to measure your interest in this information.

3. Which cookies do we use?

A. Mandatory

Cookies, which are absolutely mandatory for the operation of the site, contain information about the choices made to store optional cookies, as well as information necessary for the use of Stripe’s services. As these services (provided by Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd., incorporated under the laws of Ireland, with registration number 513174) are an integral part of our platform, we also use their cookies. The full list of cookies can be found at the dedicated Stripe page. 

__stripe_midTo provide fraud prevention1 yearThird party (Stripe)
__stripe_sidTo provide fraud prevention30 minutesThird party (Stripe)
mTo provide fraud prevention2 yearsThird party (Stripe)
CookieControlTo save the selected cookie settings90 daysFirst Party

B. Analytical and functional

We use Google Analytics to track and report website traffic and user behavior. In Europe, the service is provided by Google Ireland Limited, a company incorporated and incorporated under the laws of Ireland (Registration Number: 368047). Google  uses cookies to analyze your use of the website, to compile reports on website activity and to provide us with other services related to your use of the website and the Internet. We use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of the information on our site, as well as to develop it according to the needs of visitors. The IP address provided by your browser within Google Analytics is not associated with other data processed by Google.

You can learn more about Google’s privacy policies on the dedicated Google page.

_dc_gtm_UA-173917941-2Used to store number of service requestsSessionThird Party (Google Analytics)
_gaUsed to distinguish users2 yearsThird Party (Google Analytics)
_gat_UA-173917941-2Used to preserve the visitor’s session stateSessionThird Party (Google Analytics)
_gidUsed to distinguish users1 dayThird Party (Google Analytics)
NIDUsed to remember your preferences and other information, such as your preferred language, how many search results you prefer to have shown on a results page6 monthsThird Party (Google Analytics)

We use these cookies for both visitors and registered users of the Platform.

We strive to develop our platform to fully meet the needs of its users. For this we use the Hotjar script technology to analyze the behavior of registered users. The service is provided by Hotjar Ltd (established under Maltese law with registration number C65490).  Hotjar allows us to measure and evaluate user behavior (like mouse movements, clicks, keyboard input, page browsing time, etc.) on our website

Hotjar script uses cookies, and their type depends on user behavior. Complete and comprehensive information about Hotjar script cookies can be found here.

C. Advertising

In order to be able to provide you with content that suits your interests, we use Facebook advertising cookies provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd – a company incorporated and existing under the laws of Ireland (Registration number: 462932). We use Facebook’s Pixel Custom Audience Redirection Program, which allows us to measure, optimize, and build an audience for our ad campaigns.

You can learn more about Facebook’s privacy policies by visiting the dedicated Facebook page.

frTo enable ad delivery or retargeting3 monthsThird Party (Facebook)
_fbpTo store and track visits across websites.3 monthsThird Party (Facebook)

We use these cookies for both visitors and registered users of the Platform.

4. Is your consent required?

The use of cookies (except for the mandatory ones, which we process on a contractual basis and to protect our legitimate interests) requires your consent. You can agree by using the cookie management tool available on our website. If you do not wish to give your consent, use the features to restrict some or all of the cookies provided by the tool.

You can withdraw your consent at any time through the management tool or by deleting, blocking or restricting cookies through your browser settings (you can learn morе here). Information on the settings of the most frequently used browsers can be found at:



II. Local Storage


1. What is local storage?

Local storage technology allows us to store information on a device through which you access our platform. With local storage technology, data is not automatically transferred over the Internet each time you visit the website that has stored it. We use information storage technology, which is mandatory for the proper functioning of the platform. The basis for the processing of this data is the conclusion and execution of a contract for the use of the services provided through our website, as well as for the protection of our legitimate interests, which consist in improving the quality of these services. The term of all saved data is unlimited, except for authToken, which are created when logging in and deleted when logging out of the visitor.

2. What information is stored?

The information that is stored on your end device through local storage technology is as follows:

userSaves information for the current user
exitFlowSaves information about the last meeting the user was in, if he did not specify a rating for it. Used to display a rating request for this meeting on next login
authTokenUser authentication when sending requests.
userIdUnique user identification in the system
jitsiSaves recently used camera / microphone / audio settings in a video meeting
langLanguage settings.

The specified information is created and stored in the devices of the users registered  in the platform. The data contained in exitFlow and jitsi is created using the audio and video meeting platform.

3. How to delete data created by local storage technology?

This information usually stays on your device permanently if you do not take action to remove it. To delete this data you need to delete the history of the visited sites, saved in the respective browser.

This policy is current as of 05.01.2022.